Shaper Studio is a web-based design tool for designing, editing, and exporting projects to be used with the Shaper Origin handheld CNC machine.

Key features include an extensive library of shapes and templates, intuitive layout and alignment tools, powerful shape editing tools, customizable text and font options, and project sharing capabilities.

Shaper Studio interface

I led developement of Shaper Studio from inception through launch, collaborating with the product team to define project scope, schedule, and long-term technical roadmap. I designed the application architecture and key APIs, developed the core features, and created algorithms for geometry processing and visualization.

Studio shape creation

Studio was written primarily in Javascript using React and Redux. I optimized browser performance using thread and object pools and custom C++ and Rust libraries compiled to WebAssembly.

Studio plan mode
Plan mode for configuring cuts
Studio review mode
Review mode for previewing results