MakerCase is a web-based application for designing laser-cut project cases.  

Design custom laser-cut cases for your projects

I find the maker movement inspiring and I’m continuously impressed at the quality, ease of use, and affordability of the tools and components now widely available.

Laser cutters and other CNC tools are great for cutting out complex shapes from sheets of wood or plastic and can be used to make professional-looking project cases.

However, as I discovered while advancing the art of mustache simulation technology, designing and fabricating a custom case for electronics projects is often more time consuming and error-prone than building the electronics themselves.  Out of this frustration, I decided to create a tool to make it quick and easy to create laser cut cases.

Makercase runs in a web browser and automatically generates a blueprint for laser cutting based on the user’s specifications.  The user enters the desired case dimensions and material thickness, and the app automatically generates a three-dimensional model of the case that can be freely rotated.

The user can create cases with interlocking dovetail edges or slots for retaining nuts and bolts with a single button.  Users can also add holes and engraved text to individual faces of the case using a drag and drop editor.

When the case design is complete, the application flattens the three-dimensional model into blueprint and generates an SVG file that can be sent directly to a laser cutter.

For cutting, the application can be configured to compensate for the beam width of the laser and convert any engraved text into vector paths.

Makercase was written in 100% javascript, using jquery, three.js, and JCanvas on the client side and node.js on the server.  If you’re interested in creating your own digital fabrication applications, you can find a long technical discussion here.




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